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Intercert is a management systems certification body accredited by the IAS (International Accreditation Services Inc., USA) with accreditation number MSCB-121. IAS is a public-benefit nonprofit corporation that has been providing accreditation services since 1975.
The IAS is a Member of the IAF Accreditation Board (International Accreditation Forum) and of PAC (Pacific Accreditation Cooperation).

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Consolidate the leadership of INTERCERT, expanding its reach into the markets where operates in order to be the fastest and better growth worldwide.

Why choosing us?

INTERCERT is an international management systems certification body that offers Audit, Certification and Training Services for the International Management System and Standards around the world.

The INTERCERT team has experience in all industries and sectors worldwide, applies fine management practices to assess operational processes in order to ensure compliance with standards and other requirements. Evaluate and give conformity to its processes and operations, to ensure compliance with the regulations and other market requirements.


INTERCERT main goal is to provide certification, auditing and training services for leading, transparent, impartial and valuable auditors to help their clients to achieve qualitative business objectives with the seal of confidence of INTERCERT.
  • The performance of INTERCERT service is monitored according to the requirements of ISO 17021.
  • With an international reputation for the delivery of professional services adapted from a unified approach to certification and training.
  • Offer a single approach throughout the whole process of certification.
  • The InterCert team has a large experience in many industries and business sectors to provide value-added services.
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We work together with our customers to reach the main target!

  • It works closely with his clients as a true partner. Our quote "fearless or favor" typifies our ethical approach.
  • It is committed to provide competitive, profitable and impartial services for all types of organizations.
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