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ISO 50001: 2011 - Energy Management System

ISO 50001 is an international standard of ISO (the International Organization for Standardization) for organizations that wish to improve their energy performance and implement an Energy Management System to demonstrate their declared energy policy following the systematic approach to achieve continuous improvements of energy performance.

ISO 50001 specifies the requirements applicable to the use and consumption of energy, including the practices of measurement, documentation and reports, design and acquisition of equipment, systems, processes and personnel that contribute to energy efficiency.

ISO 50001 is a voluntary International Standard that can be applied to the public sector and the private sector and whose purpose is to increase and improve energy efficiency and reduce costs.

Cost savings of the organization for effective use and consumption of energy.
Achieve and acquire energy efficiency and reduce costs through more efficient use of energy.
The international recognition of certification improves the image and reputation of the organization.
Greater reliability of the client, the community, the employees and the Authorities.


Sales increase.
Reduction of the environmental impact: carbon and GHG.
Support the Organization’s commitment to energy management through an effective energy management system.
Framework to measure and report energy improvements.
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